5 Proper Positions

5 Proper Positions is a solo dance danced by Sari Antikaiinen. It is a collaboration work between Susanne Marx and video maker Fleur van Dissel.

The piece plays with the tension of appearance and inner presentation and experience, both in the dance material as well as the tension between real space and video space expression.

The piece starts from waiting postures, which increasingly loop and repeat compacting and resolve in emotional and dynamically loaded motion impressions. The inner world gets more and more space in the video and movement material and dissolves in a real take off.

5 Proper Positions was performed on various festivals in 1995 and 1996 , among other things, in Monty Antwerp, the Timeshowfestival in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, STEIM, Amsterdam; Dance Platform Netherlands, Rotterdam, Festival De Beweeging, Antwerp, Vrieshuis Amerika Festiva andl Muiderpoort Theatre, Amsterdam.