Banenzwemmers, Synchroonzwemmers, Zeemeerminnen let op !!!

Banenzwemmers is a unique theatrical dance audio performance that plays  in Amsterdam swimming pools.

A theater experience for everyone, from young to old, from culture enthusiast to sports fanatic, with a real swimming pool as the backdrop.

On the grandstand of the swimming pool you can listen to the stories of the regular swimmers who are always in the pool. You hear and see everything, including the things and conversations in the water that often stay unnoticed. Everyone follows their own routine and speed. The differences get soon apparent: one swims fast and competes with the other, a third does it for a better condition, and two swimmers for fun, others prefer to relax or exercise. Slowly the unwritten rules of this choreography emerge. Right-forward and left-back. However, frictions quickly arise. The apparently orderly job swimming is coming under increasing pressure. An unexpected jump causes commotion and confusion, surprise and commotion.

Lap Swimmers is a performance by choreographer Susanne Marx with text by writer Maxine Palit de Jongh. We celebrate the unique decor of the public swimming pool, following interviews with the swimming pool users.

The performance is included in the program of the international dance festival Julidans in Sloterpark Amsterdam.

Together with a group of enthusiastic swimmers, we create a short, appealing audio play in which the audience watches a choreography in the water and, through an earplugs, gets an insight into the thoughts of the swimmers about sharing the public space, the swimming pool.

Sloterparkbad – Springbad De Duik