Bedtime Stories

Theresa Nylen, Paz Rojo

The performance is inspired by classic fairy tales Bedtime Stories as little Red Riding Hood, snow white and gold Lienz. Susanne Marx and Martin Butler get the macabre life lessons in these stories are hidden above and show this in three choreographies.

Mrs. Smith Quest for Lost Luggage, women’s duet, choreography Susanne Marx
Duet for Thérèse Nylen and Paz Rojo. Choreographer Susanne Marx portrays two women, two generations and confronts us with the conclusions we draw on the grounds of age and beauty. With her dancers Susanne Marx examines ideas around the woman, girls dreams and the development of femininity. Departures for this choreography are snow white and little Red Riding Hood. Two fairy tales in which women play a key role. Snow White, in which the rivalry between the heroine and the stepmother – two undisputed beauties – central State. Little Red Riding Hood, the story of the girl on the way to grandmother. Susanne Marx focuses on the bizarre, ambivalent relationship of grandmother and grandchild, in which the last not doubt to Grandma to crawl in bed, and according to the story then Grandma wants to eat her own flesh and blood.

Bedtime Stories for Bare Back Bear Boys, men’s duet, choreographed Martin Butler
The men’s duet of Martin Butler finds its origin in the tale of Lienz, Gold and the three bears. Martin Butler is fascinated by variable identities within one and the same person: the boy in the man, the soft side of the tough bodybuilder and the dark, beastly side of a Lord. The dancers and show the story of Jesus Barrea Kenzo Kusuda Teddybear and Daddybear in which all kinds of contemporary ‘ bears ‘ a role. Martin Butler defines with them macho behaviour, innocence, charm and the shifting role of protector to intruder. An intriguing quest, where the big absentee is Lienz.

15 March 2002 (try out) Loess Theater, Maastricht
27 (try out), 28 (Premiere), 29 and 30 March 2002 Theater Frascati, Amsterdam, Nes
10 and 11 april 2002 Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam
23 October Stadsschouwburg Tilburg

Quartet: Fairy Without Particular
choreography: Susanne Marx
Dance and music: Martin Butler

Dance: Jesus Barea, Kenzo Kusuda, Thérèse Nylen, Paz Rojo
dramaturgy: Paul Derksen
costumes JOFF
decor: Luke Pither
music: Ivo Bol
Executive producer: Peter van der Hoop
producer: the Liminal Institute
light: Teuni van der Beek
illustration: Stephane Manel/Unit CMA

with thanks to Workshop Los Maastricht, Fund for the performing arts, Mama Cash