they move. they are close. they want to talk to you.

In CLOSE/D, choreographer Susanne Marx and operamaker Kirsten Schötteldreier are further developing the idea of a moving choir. Extracts from Masse und Macht by Elias Canetti are combined with the personal considerations of the singers; both texts speak about their personal fear of the other and the urge to withdraw into private spaces. Composer Natalia Dominguez Rangel has created a new musical piece based on the text. Speech merges into singing and movement morphs into sound.

Susanne Marx’s work is concerned as much with the sociological phenomena as the movement of a mass versus the individual. Different behaviours in a diverse cultural society are another focus of her work. She is fascinated by how these differences manifest and how they are often more close to each other then expected. Kirsten Schötteldreier supports and develops the unique, individual voices to create a heterogenous choir, where the individual word still can be heard.

Friday 7 August 19:45 and 21:40
Festival WhyNot – Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

Susanne Marx
Musical Direction Kirsten Schötteldreier
Composition Natalia Dominguez Rangel
Assistance Birgit Wiegel
Singers Micha van Dam, Marloes Vermijs-Smit, Gerda Peet, Fred Alexander Dwarshuis, Barbara Henkes, Sydney Jackson, Miranda Driessen, Patricia Werner Leanse, Moreen Beentjes, Nanny Roed Lauridsen, Irene Fischer, Birgit Wieger, Jozet van Sloten, Johannes Snijder, Jens Ramdor, Margo Groeneveld, Trix Reijn, Persephone Abbott, Morschi Franz, Vesna Miletic, Annemarie Ooft, Amazon Navitel, Almudena Ballesteros Parejo, Marijke de Wit, Gerthe Lamers