Educational projects Stichting VET

We want the children not only by our performance hit and start thinking, but also that we inspire them to go dancing. For each performance we develop also a preparatory dvd for in the classroom, and is there a lesson scheme. It is in a playful way to bid where the presentation is about and how it is made. So get the schools on a simple way a lot of information about the performance and the theme. The dvd is sent free to all school classes who have registered.

VET Foundation provides educational projects for young people. These projects are flexible in nature: they are tailored to the needs of the school or institution that they posted. However, the basis is always the same: young people follow workshops in a variety of disciplines; that may be street dance, modern dance, Rap-techniques, theatre expression, breakdance, martial arts, etc. Of course there is also room for disciplines that provide the young people themselves. In addition, the focus is on workshops around Theatre disciplines which are behind the scenes, including technique (light and sound) and camera.

With the knowledge and skills that young people gather at the workshops eventually, under the guidance of the VET teachers, a presentation produced. The starting point of fat is that the young people themselves are responsible for the creative and production implementation of the presentation: both for the content of the presentation (choice of the theme, dance, games, music, text) as for the disciplines of behind the scenes: the Organization and publicity, the light, the sound and the decor. The BOLD crew is there to accompany.

At the end of the project is experiencing the presentation its premiere: can that at school, but also in a real Theatre in the environment. For this version can local residents, friends and family are invited. Also the requisite publicity and recruitment measures young people themselves. The duration of the project can be tailored to the needs of the school or institution. The educational project can be organized both at home and school.

The most important aspect of the educational projects is that young people are busy with their own identity and talents. They make the show, or take part in a workshop in which their own passion and culture emerges. And that’s just the beginning. By the end of a presentation with each other to make they develop confidence and discipline, responsibility, it develops a sense of respect for each other and it promotes the social and cultural integration.

Lesson Scheme Enthralled
The program booklet and this Educational Package forms the basis for the lesson scheme. There is per school level (VMBO, HAVO and VWO) an annex containing commands that the pupils and to prepare for processing at school can do.
This lesson scheme is meant to prepare and support of the performance “HANDCUFFED” by choreographer Susanne Marx. On the basis of a number of themes and form choices in the piece are answers to questions that young people are called.
Through music, dance and a discussion we want young people the worlds of hip-hop dance and classical ballet in connection with each other.

PDF Lesbrief Geboeid

-Dance for the camera-

Choreographer Susanne Marx offers a new dance project for children. With film-editor Helle Lyshoj makes together with children a dance video for schools entitled “dance for the camera”. It is a workshop of ca. 10 hours, spread over 10 days or 2 intensive days. The children make their own favorite 4 minutes dance video clip. The lessons are given on the basis of modern and street dance elements.

PDF Dans voor de Camera

Below is what the Foundation grease the young people with these projects teaches:

Creativity & art:
* Young people get acquainted with the performing arts. They learn various dance disciplines know, all of which suit their own experiences.
* Young people develop own creativity

Social behavior:
* It stimulates cultural and social integration among young people
* It encourages social contact, social skills and cooperation
* It stimulates self-motivation, initiative, confidence and discipline – participants
* It stimulates the sense of responsibility
* It encourages mutual understanding and respect for each other

* The get physical movement and young people are encouraged
* It improves the condition of the WHI

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