Susanne Marx is a choreographer, dance teacher and researcher. She studied at the School for New Dance Development of the Amsterdam School of the Arts and at DasArts in Amsterdam. She produces theater and dance, often in collaboration with other theatermakers and artists from other disciplines. She is a teacher and researcher at the Theaterschool Amsterdam and Artez, Arnhem. She also teaches dance to young people through the Youth Theatre Krakeling.

In 2017, acting in cooperation with ICK, she works on the dance education project Gulliver: a childrens revolution. Primary school pupils aged six to nine years shape their own ideal world. They create movements and texts from themselves as empowered individuals who learn to create content in a series of dance lessons. This series of classes culminate in a performance, to the theme of the book Gullivers Travels. Another important outcome of this project is a sustainable series of lessons contemporary dance education for primary schools.

In 2015 she worked at the Deutsche Oper as Choreographer in the production Gianni by Martin Butler.

She is working on a Tryptic for moving choirs. Close/d and Grenzgebiete were successfully shown at a.o. Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam and the WhyNotFestival in 2015. She is now preparing  De Bacchanten, as the outcome of the communitytheatretryptic.

In 2014 co-directed the Barokopera Perseus and Andromeda, touring through Denmark a.o. at the Operafestival in Aalborg, Denmark.

In 2011  Meisje Loos premiered in Julidans in Amsterdam and toured for the second time in 2013.

In 2010 she was commissioned by Kosmopolis a dancetheatredocupiece for kickboxing girls, Chicks, Kicks & Glory, which also was shown at Kickboxgalas.

In 2008/2009 she made Geboeid, a dance performance that toured to great acclaim in the Netherlands, amongst others in Julidans, Neuköllner Oper in Berlin and was shown during the cultural capital Istanbul.